Professional Support guiding you through the fourth trimester and beyond

Prepare for the early days with your new baby. Breastfeeding, Sleep and Settling Support.

Help is here. I’m your go-to person for all things new baby and parenting, including breastfeeding, settling, baby sleep as well as answering my fave question…….is this normal?!


Professional Support guiding you through the fourth trimester and beyond.

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Hi, I’m Sheree…

I am your go-to professional, for all things new baby and parenting. Specialising in breastfeeding, settling and sleep, I help new parents ease feelings of uncertainty, exhaustion and overwhelm, allowing them to thrive as they transition into the fourth trimester.

I provide specialist care for you and your family, through face to face consultations, breastfeeding preparation, in- home education and overnight support for new parents. .

So, if you are pregnant or have a new baby, now is your time to begin the wonderful journey ahead, with me by your side, to ensure you thrive in the fourth trimester

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I reached out to Sheree when my son was six weeks old. He was really unsettled and hadn’t slept in his bassinet. He would only sleep on ME!
Sheree was amazing! We had two consultations with her and were so happy when he started sleeping in his bassinet for three hours straight!
I feel so much better because I’ve been able to have a sleep and play with my older daughter.
Sheree was so understanding, friendly and professional. I felt at ease as soon as we started talking. The tips she gave me were great. The follow-up information she sent through was really thorough and easy to implement.
I would highly recommend any new mum who needs help call Sheree NOW!!
Lifesaver. Thanks, Sheree!!!