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Postnatal consultation 

Are you feeling unsure and have some questions about your newborn?

Reach out for help when it all feels a little bit overwhelming. Close down all of the open tabs of google and have a friendly chat with me. I bring it back to basics and break it down into the things you really need to know, whether your questions be related to breastfeeding, sleep, settling or needing support. I provide consistent, sensible, evidence based, common sense, tried and true information

Over 25 years of experience working with so many mums allows me to understand your personal challenges.

This is perfect for you to have a chat about any concerns you might have or support with –





*Returning to Work

$100  60 Minutes 


  • Follow up email with a summary of each consultation

$350  120 MINUTES


Follow up email and voice memo (Voxer) support (24 hours) with a summary of each consultation

  • Ongoing support $100 per hour (min 3 hours)

Preparing to THRIVE in the Fourth Trimester  

The first few weeks – Consultation

Feel prepared for the early days with your baby. Have confidence as you transition from hospital to home as a new little family.

Congratulations! You’re having a baby and are getting ready for the big day. You know all of your options, make plans, read so much, all your friends and family tell their stories. Google…you google absolutely everything!
Birth… It’s generally one day of your life and you’ve got it covered.

BUT……Are you prepared for what happens after the big day?

Unfortunately not anywhere near as much thought goes into what happens after the baby arrives. The postnatal period or what’s also known as the fourth trimester. 

Let’s start thinking about the days to follow your baby’s arrival. Making a postnatal plan including arranging the support and guidance that you need and knowing what to expect in the first week at home.

You might be wishing there was a crash course in all things newborn baby.
The information will to get you through the first weeks armed with the answers to so many questions. I wasn’t expecting that… the poo, the boobs, the tiredness.

Yes.. you will need that many nappies and maternity pads. Stick with me…

Don’t you wish that all babies arrived with a handbook? We know they don’t unfortunately. Also, they aren’t all the same. There are many variances on normal. Not much is predictable, but I can help you be more prepared. 

We will cover issues surrounding feeding your baby, sleep and settling tips as well as changes for baby and for you as a mum. Answering the big ones…… What!?! Is this normal??? Nobody told me that!!
I was NOT expecting that !!

*Baby’s first week
*What to expect for Mum
*Rest & Recovery
*Emotional changes
*Antenatal Expressing
*Sleep & Settling

*New parent hacks
*Newborn baby care
*Tips & Tricks


  • 90 MIN ZOOM
  • Preparing to THRIVE – The First Few Weeks Ebook


  • 90 MIN IN-HOME Sydney
  • Preparing to THRIVE Ebook -The First Few Weeks Ebook

Preparing to THRIVE in the Fourth Trimester – Antenatal Breastfeeding Prep

Congratulations! You’re preparing to have your gorgeous baby and you’re ready to embark on this exciting new chapter. Childbirth classes WILL NOT prepare you for breastfeeding your baby. 

Breastfeeding is natural, but it’s a learnt experience for both you and your baby. It’s a steep learning curve. 

96% of mums initiate breastfeeding. Less than 15% are exclusive breastfeeding at six months.

I’d love you to feel prepared and ready to THRIVE. 

This is for you if..

*You’ve heard breastfeeding horror stories

*You’re concerned about how breast-feeding will be

*You want to feel prepared

*You’ve had challenges in the past

*You’d like to make a plan and discuss breastfeeding goals


*Benefits of breastfeeding

*The first breastfeed

*The Golden Hour

*Correct positioning and attachment

*What to expect in the first week

*Is baby getting enough?

*Feeding patterns – Supply & Demand,

*Cluster feeding

*Making breastfeeding easier

*Support network

*Hand expressing – Antenatal Expressing

*Fave products

*Tips and tricks


  • 90 MIN ZOOM
  • Preparing to THRIVE – The First Few Weeks Ebook


  • 90 MIN IN-HOME Sydney
  • Preparing to THRIVE Ebook -The First Few Weeks Ebook

I was so confused when I got home from the hospital. Everyone was telling me different things and I didn’t know who to listen to. The midwives at the hospital were great but a lot of them were telling me different things.
I booked Sheree for a week of follow up to help me settle Oliver.
Sheree was a breath of fresh air. She was funny, relaxed and calm.
I loved the consultations and looked forward to her calling.
I learnt so much and feel happy that she made me feel “normal”
I’m sure I’ll be calling her again in the future as things change with Oliver.

April S