Hi, I'm Sheree!

I am the go-to professional for all things new baby and parenting, including breastfeeding, settling and sleep.

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Hi, I’m Sheree!

I am the go-to professional for all things new baby and parenting, including feeding, settling and sleep.

Hi, let me introduce myself. My name is Sheree, Postnatal Care Specialist. 

I draw upon the experience I gained working as a nurse, midwife, lactation consultant and childbirth educator, as well as working with so many gorgeous families over the years. I’ve been doing private face to face in-home postnatal care, overnight support and consultations for 18 years.I am a mother to three gorgeous not so little kids; Elyse 23, Nate 19 and Monique 18. So I’ve definitely been through the new mum feelings, albeit a little while ago. I have my own personal story about pregnancy loss, losing premature twins. I also had postnatal anxiety after my last baby when things definitely didn’t go as I planned along the motherhood path. I was diagnosed with cancer at 12 weeks. Thankfully ending in some good news, But those experiences have made me understand that it’s not always an easy journey and I’m able to support mothers with great empathy.

I am a lover of Diet Coke, leopard print, Aperol spritz, daggy music, reality tv and cooking.

I love new babies, their smell and snuggly cuddles, I can’t get enough of them! Usually, I’m lucky enough to work with amazing families that let me cuddle and snuggle their babies as I help them transition from hospital to home.

My in demand, personalised support, is tailored to ease the transition from hospital to home as a new family. Working through the basics when you are at home. I’m here to help you through, when so much may be new and possibly uncertain for you.

So close down all of the open tabs of google. I bring it back to basics and break it down into the things you really need to know. Sensible, evidence-based, common sense, tried and true information.

We go through what to expect in the first weeks and address any major concerns. Focusing on feeding as well as changes for baby and for you as a mum.
Answering the big ones…… What!?! Nobody told me that!!
Wasn’t expecting that !!
Is this normal?!

For a baby to thrive, mum must also thrive by their side.

Let me support you on that journey.

I was so lucky to get a gift voucher for consultation with Sheree. The best present I’ve ever received.
Sheree helped me with some of my feeding problems and was able to answer so many questions that I had about feeding and settling.
I booked another consultation with Sheree because I got so much great information and felt reassured that I had someone that had so much experience with mums and babies.
I know that I’ll be getting all of my friends that are having baby’s a gift voucher for a consultation because it was fabulous.

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